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R&W Auto Detail: Responsive Web Design



Responsive Web Design


  My Role:  UX Designer |  Timeline:  3 months  |  Project: Freelance

Team: 1 UX Designer, 1 Project Manager, 2 Stakeholders  |  Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop, Squarespace

Methods: User Research, Usability Testing, Comparative Analysis, Site Map, Style Guides, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping



Founded in 2016, R&W Auto Detailing is an eco-friendly mobile detailing business. They specialize in providing auto detailing services in the convenience of customers' homes.

The Challenge

I was given the opportunity to improve the overall web and mobile experience, that would attract new customers and provide users access to schedule appointments online and view product information.

What I Did

As the sole UX Designer on the team, I lead, researched, and developed the design for the new site during the entire duration of the project. I used Squarespace as the platform to create the site. The end result, was a responsive web/mobile site designed to provide users with one designated place to learn about the company's services and schedule appointments online.


(Note: video contains sound)



I kicked off this project by identifying who the existing, potential, and most ideal target audience was for R&W's Auto Detailing. The company was on a tight deadline, so taking the lean ux approach was critical. I conducted 25+ interviews with various groups of people in a short amount of time. Here is some of the information I've gathered:

•  Users were primarily locals.
•  Exploited a lack of clientele in neighboring cities.
•  Majority of customers found the business via Facebook.
•  Majority of people are unfamiliar with the idea of  mobile auto detailing.


Testing with clients.


I wanted to test the old website with customers to discover any areas for improvement. Throughout this process I used the LEMERS method which tests for Learnability, Ease of Use, Memorability, Error handling, and Satisfaction.

Based on the data I collected, the site scored lowest in learnability, ease of use, and user satisfaction.


Problem Space

The biggest pain points revolved around the difficulty of navigating the site and lack of informative content.


Old Site:


Users wanted a website with more informative content and a UI to reflect something more modern and sleek. When conducting research testing on the old site, I learned some users were hesitant to trust the company's site due to the lack of professionalism the old site gave off.


Competitive / Comparative Analysis

I used Yelp to find other auto detailers on the market. This allowed me to evaluate and compare over 10 businesses, which provided me new ideas and features to design the new site.

My inspiration came from the following sites:
•  JB Mobile Detailing’s  (well-organized information architecture) 
•  Prime Detailing’s  (minimalistic design)
•  Supreme Detail’s  (engaging content design)



The final product was a brand new site powered by Squarespace utilizing all aspects of research to multiple rounds of usability testing.

Within three months, the launch of the new site increased traffic flow and profits by 30%.