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RW Detailing Case Study


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R&W Auto Detailing is an eco-friendly mobile detailing company specializing in providing customers auto detail services at the convenience of customers' homes.

I was given the opportunity to improve the overall web and mobile experience to attract customers and provide users with one designated place to schedule appointments. This would help expand business growth.


I worked with R&W to bring their business requirements and vision to life with a fresh online experience simple enough for customers to use and effective for sales.


Research & Discovery


Usability Testing

I evaluated the original R&W Auto Detailing site using the LEMERS method which tests for Learnability, Ease of Use, Memorability, Error handling, and Satisfaction. I conducted 25+ interviews with a randomized group of people and current customers to find out what they liked and disliked about the site. Many people said the site’s content was too vague, or hard to navigate though.

One theme continued to surface — users wanted an app with more informational content and a UI that reflected something more modern and sleek. Users were also hesitant to trust whether the site was for a legitimate company, which due to the level of professionalism the old site gave off.


Competitive / Comparative Analysis

By using Yelp to find various auto detailing competitors, I was able to compare and evaluate 10+ companies to give me a range of features I wanted to focus on for the new site. I took inspiration from JB Mobile Detailing’s well-organized information architecture, Prime Detailing’s minimalistic site, and Supreme Detail’s layout design to create a simple yet engaging experience for users.




The final product was a brand new site powered by Squarespace utilizing all aspects from research to multiple rounds of usability testing.

It combines the strongest features from several web-based detailing competitors to offer a more engaging and intuitive experience for R&W Auto Detailing’s clientele.


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