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BioMarin: Caregiver Website


BioMarin Caregiver Website

Mobile & Web: UI / Interaction Design

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My Role:  Product Designer  |  Timeline:  4 months  |  Project:  Caregiver website

Team: 3 Designers, 1 UX Director, 1 ACD |  Tools Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Invision DSM, Zeplin



BioMarin is a Pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing information about genetic testing for children with epilepsy. Studies show that a majority of caregivers are unaware or do not understand the underlying causes of their child’s seizures.

The Challenge:

Our team was tasked with developing a new website to educate caregivers about genetic testing, uncovering the cause of their child’s seizures, and offering more precise treatment and management options. 

What I Worked On:

- Helped design a responsive website targeted towards caregivers of child epilepsy patients.
- Created various components: pop-ups, cookie  policy, and callout cards.
- Updated design system and style guide to include typography, colors, and components.
- Designed the interaction/tap states for all global icons and buttons on web and mobile.
- Selected the page animations and documented how animations would appear in Zeplin.
- Worked with editorial team to flow in new copy changes throughout the design process. 
- Worked with developer to QA the staging site prior to going live.


Home: What Caused Epilepsy?

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Section 2: Why Get a Gene Panel?

2. Why Get An Epilepsy Gene Panel?.png

Section 3: Support for Your Family

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Section 4: Take Action

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Section 5: Questions


Section 6: Footer

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Cookie Policy


Email Share Pop-Up


Leaving Site Pop-Up


Design System


Results / Next Steps:

The results was a responsive one page website designed to educate caregivers on genetic testing.