UX / UI Designer
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Barbell Brigade: Mobile App


Barbell Brigade

Mobile App: UX / UI Design

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My Role:  UX Designer  |  Timeline: 3 weeks |  Project: Passion Project/Conceptual

Team: 1 UX Designer  |  Tools Used: Sketch, Photoshop



Barbell Brigade is world class powerlifting gym in based in Los Angeles, CA. They sell fitness inspired streetwear and workout gear all over the world.

The Challenge

I tasked myself with designing an e-commerce mobile app for Barbell Brigade's clothing line. The goal was to create a simplified and refreshing shopping experience.



The final product was a high-fidelity wireframe designed to match Barbell Brigade's brand aesthetic. The new design is minimal, bold, and provides a simple and easy mobile shopping experience for users.




(Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Barbell Brigade's brand, logos, or images.)